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The J's Road Trip

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Following Jan and Jens in their Motorcycle Diaries

Who are the J’s

´╗┐JAN, 40 yrs, living in Amsterdam

Previous adventures:

  • Trans-Siberia Express from Moscow to Beijing
  • On horse-back from China to Tibet
  • Through south-east Asia and Australia
  • Across south America
  • Climbing Cotopaxi in Ecuador

Motorbike experience: 10 years

JENS, 35 yrs, living in Amsterdam

Previous adventures:

  • Around the coast of Australia by car and hitch-hiking through New Zealand
  • Through south-east Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos)
  • Living in Melbourne, Australia for 6 years
  • Sailing from Thailand to Turkey
  • Climbing Mont Blanc

Motorbike experience: 5 years

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